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Geriatrics is a branch of medicine, which focuses on health care of older people. Geriatrics has gained importance in later part of 20th century due to rapid rise in life expectancy and subsequently increase in number of geriatric population. Now geriatric population is one of the fastest growing segments of population worldwide. Geriatric population is vulnerable, frail and has multi-morbidity which is further complicated by the physiological changes of aging. Thus a geriatric patient requires a holistic and comprehensive evaluation and management to maintain their independence and dignity.

Geriatric Medicine is a specialty of medicine concerned with physical, mental, functional and social conditions in acute, chronic, rehabilitative, preventive and end of life care of older patients. In developed countries Geriatric population consists of population above 65 years of age where as in developing countries like India population above 60 years is considered as geriatric population.

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